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Why Play at Online Casinos?

There are many benefits to playing at online casinos. The most immediate benefits that can be seen by playing online are convenience Being able to play from the comfort of wherever you're located and have access to a computer and internet connection can't be beat.

Introduction to Online Blackjack

Blackjack, also known as 21, is known to most people as the most popular casino card game in the world. It's also the most versatile, especially at online casinos, where a dazzling number of blackjack variations have sprung up. No matter how it's presented, though, it remains a game that is easy to learn and fun to master.

How to Play Online Blackjack, Types of Blackjack and More

Unlike poker, where players battle each other, blackjack is a table game where all players compete against the casino. The dealer and all players start with two cards each. Players then have the option of drawing additional cards trying to get as close as possible to 21. The dealer hand is played according to a predetermined set of rules. All cards are worth the number printed on them, except for face cards, which are worth 10, and aces, which can be used as ones or elevens.

Going over 21 is called busting, which is an automatic loss for a player and a win for all players still remaining when the casino does it. A starting hand with an ace and any 10-value card is called a blackjack, and usually pays out at more than 1:1 odds. Depending on the casino, players may have additional powerful options, such as doubling down for twice the bet on a good starting hand or splitting like cards into two separate hands.

In a physical casino, blackjack can have some lulls while the cards are shuffled or the chips are collected and paid out. That's not the case in an online casino, where the game moves at a quick pace at all times, with the cards simulated by a random number generator. You'll also never need to worry about a mistake, a misdeal or distracting chatter from other players at the table.

Another benefit of playing online blackjack is that online casinos can offer a wider selection of blackjack games with rules and side bets that aren't easy to find in brick and mortar casinos. It's not uncommon to see games with multiple extra bets you can place, the option to play multiple hands against a single dealer hand, and much more. A more recent trend even incorporates progressive jackpots into standard blackjack with a small side bet that makes the player eligible to win a big lump sum provided the exact combination of cards falls his or her way.

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